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Since my breast cancer diagnosis on June 9, 2008, I have spent a fairly decent amount of time wondering "why me?" I would like to hear from you about your cancer stories. Let's create a dialogue of learning, sharing and hope.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

Hi Folks,
Sorry I haven't blogged lately. I was quite busy in the days leading up to my surgery and I must confess, I forgot my password. I had to concentrate for more than a second to figure it out!
My surgery on Dec. 30 went well. The doctor removed two pieces of breast tissue and some lymph nodes that appeared abnormal. I spent the days and weeks before surgery praying I was healed and hope that the prayers worked. I see the doctor Tuesday and hope to learn the results of the pathology report at that time.
The surgical area doesn't hurt...the place where the drain is pinches a little bit. People who have this kind of surgery have to receive a drain that removes blood and other fluids from the body. It's getting less bloody.
Upon my return from the hospital, my home email mailbox was filled to capacity so I couldn't receive more emails. Among the emails were several that announced the unexpected passing of a sorority sister's husband at age 62. He died of a massive heart attack. That means Sheila and her kids will have to start the New Year without their husband and father. I am so sorry for their loss in this oh so precious life.