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Since my breast cancer diagnosis on June 9, 2008, I have spent a fairly decent amount of time wondering "why me?" I would like to hear from you about your cancer stories. Let's create a dialogue of learning, sharing and hope.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Can't believe it's September

Hi Folks,
Hope you enjoyed my Aug. 30 column in the Sunday Register about the Rev. William Killeen. He's so inspiring.
I apologize for not checking in so often. Covering two towns, plus writing a weekly column, is tough to do.
I've been quite tired lately, and my knees and lower back often ache. Don't know if it's the Arimidex, old age or just being overweight.
I'm trying to put together a program, to kick off in October, that will deal with weight loss for breast cancer patients and other folks. I already have one doctor willing to help but I'm open to suggestions.