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Since my breast cancer diagnosis on June 9, 2008, I have spent a fairly decent amount of time wondering "why me?" I would like to hear from you about your cancer stories. Let's create a dialogue of learning, sharing and hope.

Sunday, April 5, 2009


I've been so bogged down with work for the Register and for the Miss Connecticut Scholarship Program, my volunteer organization, that I haven't had time to check in. Actually, I think that I just can't do as much any more. My mother tells me to slow down...AAAAAHHHH!! No time for that!
Anyhow, I started radiation a week and a half ago. My NuBoob skin is already pink. I did an interview for my column the other day and that woman's breast was brownish-red. Guess I have that to look forward to. So far, radiation isn't that bad but you have to go each weekday. It's a constant reminder that you have cancer.
Chat soon,